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About Imotik

“Putting the spotlight on ourselves? That is not for us. As is often the case for so-called engineering “whizzkids”, we are better at using solutions and ideas to share our knowledge through skilful application of technology and electronics.

Nevertheless, we have the experience and expertise that matters. Therefore, a short introduction of the founders and owners of Imotik is in order: Martijn Tielemans and Matty Krol.

Martijn Tielemans
Project Manager / System Engineer / Founder
Active in the field of technology and engineering since 2000. Initially as a technician and manager in the repair-industry. Made the switch in 2013, to technological development which resulted in gaining a lot of experience in developing and producing mobile (self-driving) machines. In recent years, active as head of engineering and project manager.
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What do we do?

We do what we are good at, the things we have experience with and the things we are knowledgeable about. Makes sense, right?

In our case, that means imagining, developing, and realising solutions that are also known as (portable) motion control. All of this is done within the speciality of modern internal combustion engines and hydraulic, electric, and mechanical propulsive and control-technics.

Our wide range of expertise enables us to use the most up-to-date techniques and components, tried and tested by leading OEM suppliers in the car, truck, construction, and agricultural industries. This technique, aside from being reliable, enables the user and the machine to work together at an optimal level. Due to this, the operator has control over both the machine and the process as a whole. Furthermore, this makes it possible to provide insight into the the machine and production status remotely, in order to provide records of the production process.

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Our expertise is mainly focussed on portable controls applied on mobile machines that are used in construction, earthmoving, and agriculture. However, our expertise is also applicable to robotic processes within industries where autonomous machines and installations and artificial intelligence are used more and more.

Collaborative Thinking

Our work is always tailored to your needs. Not only does this require insight in the clients wishes but it also requires an understanding of the application of the machines necessary for the desired solution. It is important for us to work on the projects entrusted to us, in the most involved and integer way. The client is part of the product production from the first concept design to the delivery.

Practical where possible, innovative where necessary

Practical where possible, innovative where necessary. Control systems and robotics technology is developing at a high speed, offering many new opportunities for quicker and smarter solutions. Nonetheless, we continue to focus on reliability and safety. We believe in field-proven solutions.

CE Certification

Safety is everything. We, as engineers, pay close attention to current EU regulations regarding health and safety. When necessary, our machines are inspected and approved by an independent authority.

Challenging engineering problem?

For whom?

Everywhere where machines and vehicles are used to accelerate the production process, reduce the intensity of tasks and improve results, we are in our element. From complete machines to detailed solutions. If it can be done smarter, better, quicker and safer, we can create it and realise it.

Our process

Every order we get, however big or small, starts with the intake meeting. This is a conversation to elicit the clients wishes, goals, and expectations. This meeting provides insight into whether we can play a role in the development or execution of those goals. If that is the case, then we adhere to a 4-step method.


Step 1 – Advice

Based on goals and wishes, we always provide the client with a written report in which we set out the practical and technical challenges of the project. This is accompanied by a description of the possibilities and the limitations of a project, and the possible alternatives. After an agreement has been reached on the project description and our advice, it is time for the next step.


Step 2 – Engineering

Based upon the feedback from step 1, the engineering process starts. This means drawing up (although it is mostly done digitally) the desired solution. This is where all the technical solutions and other components come together. Anybody can make a design but making a feasible design requires real expertise. The technology in the machine’s control system can make or break a reliable and safe machine design. The Imotik engineers have experience in practise, which results in a practical and sensible approach that limits the failure costs and minimises the possibility of delays in the design process. The completion of the engineering phase results in the practical preparation for the work to come, which in turn, benefits the production phase. The result is that a prototype is often already a fully functional machine.


Step 3 – Production / realisation

The road from engineering and designing to a model that is ready for production, is a complex one. A trajectory that we, as designers and developers are prepared for as soon as we start. After all, the saying goes that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This applies to both the development of the prototype and the final model. If there is a flaw in the design, it has great implications for the execution of the prototype. Because we are closely involved in and responsible for the production and realisation of the project, we are extra careful in the phases that proceed this. In the actual construction phase, we trust in our well-developed technical insight and our wide range of expertise. Even though custom work requires the skill of improvisation, we put our faith in parts and solutions that have proven to be highly effective whilst prioritising quality. After all, if it is just the right kind of hydraulic manifolds or wiring harness that has already proven to be effective, it does not have to be reinvented. The result? An efficient, reliable, and clear system.


Step 4 – Delivery

The delivery of the first machine or prototype is a special occasion. Our services however, do not stop there. We make sure the correct documentation for technical maintenance and the controls is available. Furthermore, we consider it our duty of care to train engine drivers and other technical staff members. All of this to ensure the machine can be used in a safe and efficient way.


Do you have a challenging engineering problem? Are you facing challenges regarding portable controls? Would you like a third-party assessment of your engineering idea? We are here for you.

Matty Krol

Martijn Tielemans

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